v.n.p. v2.0 (2005)

The phenomenon of alienation, of an exclusion provoked by the social inadequacy, immobility and slowness that are the characteristics of old age are the entry point of Marcell Esterházy’s film v.n.p. v2.0. the artist documented a family Sunday lunch in which his grandfather was a participant. In so doing he used an acceleration effect thanks to which his grandfather’s usual, very slow, movements look calm and noble, while the gestures and conversations of the other participants seem deformed, incomprehensible and absurd due to their excessive rapidity. Were it not for this editing trick, the grandfather’s slow movements would be completely ‘uncinematic’, totally beyond the boundaries of the patience of the average spectator. the artist’s approach breathes media life and dignity back into the old man at the cost of shortening and deforming the time of his younger surrounding company. Age and time thus assume the character of relativistic, social constructs. slowness, as seen by Esterházy, brings to mind Sten Nadolny’s famous novel “The Discovery of slowness”, in which slowness is presented as a virtue and is connected with heightened awareness, sensitivity and memory, confronted with the rapid, mad pace of modernity [5]. The protagonist’s dignified concentration on every gesture, his celebration of the meal has one more aspect – it reveals the old man’s need to familiarize and tame the uncontrollable and chaotic reality through familiar gestures, repetitive rituals. Our contact with this slow-paced reality cannot, however, be completely successful: though appreciated, it remains alone in its strangeness.

Joanna Sokołowska: Interrupted Connections, Zacheta, 2007

h.l.m. v2.0 (2005)

One Touch (2008)
video, 03:50 min


Mistral I.-III. (2003)
three-channel video installation
music: Bánk Sáry

Mistral is a three-channel video installation. The videos feature the animated movement of clothes hung out to dry on the facade of a house in Marseille. The clothes are blown about by the mistral, the characteristic wind of the South of France. Interpreting them as score music, Bánk Sáry contemporary composer has written music to some of the animated videos.
The audio material of the three videos heard simultaneously in the space of the installation pro- duces the final sound of Mistral.

Mistral IV. (2003)
one-channel video installation
music: Bánk Sáry

Butterfly Effect (2006)
video installation

The Creator as Server, the Receiver as Striker (2002)
video installation