Cui prodest (2015)
reinforced concrete, 2 parts, 27×240 cm each

The Latin expression used in the title is from Seneca’s drama, Medea: “cui prōdest scelus, is fecit,” that is, “who profits by a sin has done the sin”. It is a common practice to ferret out the hidden intentions behind the phenomena both in the court of justice and in the exhibition space.
Who painted the text “WE ARE ITALIANS” onto the concrete fence of the Óbuda Ganz Factory, and what was their motive? Why did Marcell Esterházy’s group modify the caption to “WE ARE RUSSIANS” some years later?
And why has it become so relevant now, so many years later for the artist Esterházy to cut out that document of an era rewritten multiple times, and to put it into the exhibition space?
text by Emese Mucsi, independent curator

exhibition view at Capa Center