One forgets, you know? /Feled az ember, tudod? (2015)
video, 40 minutes

Esterházy’s latest video work continues organically the line of his earlier pieces. In the video, he processes personal memories of his maternal grandfather, enlisted in 1940, regarding his Russian captivity and involvement in World War II. The work is based on an audio recording which was made in 2006 and now edited with the help of a dramaturge. Having the text memorized, Esterházy recreated the interview situation and this time he was impersonating his grandfather. In the 2015 recording, the original and the reproduced processes of remembrance happen simultaneously: the stereo audio track, like a musical canon, iterates details from the non-official history of the world war in this pictureless video.

English translation: Vilma Nádasdy
Dramaturge: Zita Schnabel